We are a company specialized in:

The long term
rental of passenger and light
commercial vehicles.


Advantages over others


We have been experts in fleet management for over 10 years.


MyAFS Car app, car information is at your fingertips.


Fleet monitoring and optimization tips are included in the package price.


Large selection of vehicles and vehicle orders on request. You will get more than you expect

Full support for your mobility

Apart from long-term rental, AKS Fleet Solution is a company specialized in Full Fleet Management services. This means that we offer solutions to our clients that allow their fleet to work for them, efficiently and profitably. 
Our experienced consultants provide expert advice on fleet management to clients from a wide range of industries for more than 10 years.
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The best offer of vehicles from renown manufacturers

Our offer includes a large number of vehicles of Škoda, Toyota, Fiat, Ford, Opel, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen and all other brands. We are also willing to accept special requests from our clients.
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Peugeot 208
P2 Active Pack 1.2E 100
Dacia Duster
1.5 DCL 4X4 N1
Fiat 500
The prices of models vary depending on the desired equipment, and you are free to send a request or contact us via contact form or by phone for further details and offers.

Who are we

The company AKS Fleet Solution d.o.o. has been established on 11th July 2013.
The predominant activity of the company is full fleet management and includes long-term rental of new passenger and light commercial vehicles with the provision of the complete set of fleet management services in accordance with the needs of our clients. 
The company is an associated member of the Leasing Companies Association in Serbia. We are also a technical partner of DEKRA which provides independent damage appraisal services, condition appraisal and market value appraisal services for the vehicles and all other subjects of rental, with or without an independent opinion of the licensed court experts.
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    Luka Lužanin
    Sales Department

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As easy as MY AFS CAR

All information at any time at just one click

My AFS Car 

is an app developed by AKS Fleet Solution allowing you 24/7 access to the summary of your fleet
pending obligations, but also the option to schedule appointment for vehicle registration, tire replacement or service, data about the expiry and renewal of insurance.


Hereby we wish to inform you that starting from 15th October  2019, in addition to standard scheduling, we would perform all the services pertaining to scheduling of regular service, seasonal tire replacement and activities pertaining to loss events, based on the information obtained via MY AFS CAR app directly from the vehicle user. 

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Other Services

Meet the DriveNow service, vehicles immediately available for long-term leases.
Fleet management team is a specialized company for the installation of GPS technology and vehicle tracking
AKS Fleet is a member of the OMR Group
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