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About registration and car insurance

When being handed over the vehicle from us as a lessor, you will get a registration certificate (after 7-10 days and the original vehicle registration certificate), a registration sticker and an automotive liability insurance policy/compulsory insurance policy.


The registration sticker specifies the date until which the vehicle is registered (period of 12 months from the date of registration). It is best to check the automobile liability insurance policy to see the date specified as the date of expiry of compulsory insurance. This is a precise piece of information about the date until which the vehicle is registered.


Your obligation as the lessee is to contact us no later than one month before the expiration of your registration so that we can initiate the procedure of registration renewal and automotive liability insurance policy renewal.
We as a lessor will prepare and complete the procedure before the expiry of the registration period, provided that you are physically available to provide us with a vehicle registration certificate for one to five days, in the period from 3 (three) to 10 (ten) days before the registration expiration, and for the purpose of completing this process.


The registration renewal procedure includes your obligation to provide us with the following information: number of km on the meter, whether the vehicle was serviced in the previous 12 (twelve) months, whether there is damage requiring the activation of the all-risk insurance policy before the renewal of registration and renewal of all-risk insurance policy, whether the tires have been replaced (winter-summer and vice versa), whether the debts under the rental agreement have been settled.


All of the above is a condition for you as the lessee to get the opportunity to continue using the vehicle after a period of 12 months expires.

About all-risk vehicle insurance

By signing the rental agreement and taking over the vehicle, a multi-year all-risk insurance policy is made automatically, which is renewed at the time of vehicle registration renewal and the renewal of the automotive liability insurance policy: every year.


The all-risk insurance insures the vehicle from potential damages caused by you as the renter-user, as well as by third parties.


You will be informed about all the details of the specific all-risk insurance policy orally while signing the rental agreement, and later, when renewing the all-risk insurance policy or in case of damage to the vehicle that you are obliged to report to us as the lessor and the to the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia.


Full all-risk insurance


Under the all-risk insurance contract, the insurer/insurance company undertakes to compensate the material damage to the insured vehicle if the damage occurs due to the insured risk, and the insured/lessor undertakes to pay the insurance premium for this.


The vehicle is registered by entering the registration designation and certain data about the vehicle and the owner into the register of registered vehicles.


The vehicle registration is performed by the organizational unit of the Ministry of Interior on whose territory the owner of the vehicle has a permanent or temporary residence.


The request for extension of the vehicle registration validity period is submitted by the owner of the registered vehicle within 30 days prior to the expiration of the registration certificate.


If the request for extension of the vehicle registration validity period is not submitted within 30-60 days from the day of expiration of the registration certificate, the vehicle is deleted from the records of registered vehicles, and the registration plates are confiscated.


If a change occurs in relation to the owner of the vehicle or certain information from the vehicle registration certificate, a new vehicle registration certificate is being issued.

About the policies

Automobile liability insurance policy is compulsory insurance of the vehicle against the liability for damage caused by the use of the vehicle to third parties due to a traffic accident, damage to vehicles, participants in loss events, destruction or damage to property, and all material and non-material damage to all participants in the accident.


Automobile liability insurance is prescribed by the law as compulsory insurance. By taking out an automobile liability insurance policy, the insurance company with which you are insured will cover the costs of damage caused to a third party due to the use of your vehicle, which will reduce your and our financial losses.


The insurance coverage for automobile liability insurance is valid for all insured events caused on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.


A green card is an international car insurance card and is concluded with the insurance company with which the automobile liability insurance policy has been concluded.
The green card extends the insurance coverage for automobile liability insurance to foreign countries, i.e. to the territories of the member states of the International Motor Insurance Card System.


The owner of a vehicle is obliged to purchase a green card for the vehicle before crossing the border, whereby the insurance company that issued it is obliged to compensate the injured party for the damage caused by the use of such vehicle abroad.

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